Meet New People Through New Town Connections


It can be hard to meet new people when you move to a new city for school or a job. However, meeting other like-minded individuals is made easier when you join New Town Connections. We organize private events for young professionals to facilitate new friendships and enhance their social lives, without the awkwardness of traditional Meetup groups. 

So how is New Town Connections different from other networking groups?

  • We help our members choose the events that make the most sense for their needs and social preferences, so they can meet new people that share similar interests and social agendas.
  • Our monthly event calendars are extensive and include a variety of different activities, so our members will never get bored and can attend events that fit their lifestyle. Our events frequently include happy hours, live shows, athletic activities, sporting events, themed parties, and so much more.
  • We cap the attendance at every event we host, so our members can feel comfortable and not become overwhelmed by the volume of people at any given time.
  • Our members go through an interview process, which allows us to make sure that we can meet the social and networking needs of each and every person interested in New Town Connections. This also allows us to make sure that our members are a good fit for our group and can truly benefit from our membership programs.

If you’re ready to meet new people in your area, contact New Town Connections today. We’ll help get you started in creating a social network you can be excited about.