Meet People In Your Area With New Town Connections


If you’ve recently moved to Tampa, Florida, and you want to meet people in your area, or you’ve been in town a while and you’re looking to expand your social network, you don’t have to take your chances by showing up to a random Meetup event. Instead, you can choose from a variety of social events where you’re guaranteed to meet other like-minded people by becoming a member of New Town Connections.

Unlike other clubs for young professionals and Meetup groups, New Town Connections offers a custom social experience for its members. We help each member design a personalized social schedule based on their activity preferences and how often they want to attend events. Plus, we have an in-depth interview with each potential member to make sure that we can truly cater to their needs.

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As a member of New Town Connections, you will benefit from:

  • A variety of events in the Tampa, Florida, area where only other members are attending, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by large crowds
  • Membership options that give you the flexibility to attend the events that interest you and skip the ones that don’t
  • Meeting other members who are young professionals that share similar interests and enjoy many of the same activities you do

If you’re ready to meet people in your area, contact New Town Connections today. We will be happy to discuss the different events we host in the Tampa, FL, area, as well as go over our different membership options with you. See for yourself what current members have to say about their experience with us!