Are You Wondering What To Do In Tampa? New Town Connections Has The Answer

With New Town Connections, you’ll never have to ask yourself (or Google!) “What to do in Tampa” because you’ll already have plenty of events on your calendar where you’ll get to socialize with other young professionals like yourself.

what to do in tampa fl


New Town Connections is a membership-based club that helps connect young professionals in the Tampa, Florida, area by organizing weekly events that are exclusive for our members only. In fact, New Town Connections offers some incredible benefits to its members, such as:


  • An expansive and diverse social calendar - We make sure to schedule many different weekly events, which allows our members to pick and choose the events they attend based on their schedules and desires for their social lives.
  • A comfortable environment - We cap the attendance for each event we host to prevent overcrowding and to promote a better atmosphere for meeting new people.
  • Personalized calendar - We help each member develop the best membership plan for their needs, and we assist them with building a social agenda they can feel happy with.

With New Town Connections, your social life won’t miss a beat. If you’re ready to figure out what to do in Tampa, contact us today. We’ll go over how our membership options work and answer any question you may have so you can get the social schedule that works best for you.