Want to Know What To Do in St. Petersburg, FL? Join New Town Connections For the Ultimate Social Schedule

If you’re always asking yourself, “What is there to do in St. Petersburg?” you’re the perfect candidate for New Town Connections. We are a local networking and social group that offers so much more than traditional Meetup companies. Instead of uncomfortable meet-and-greets that are usually limited to the same boring locations, we offer an exciting variety of events and activities for our members to participate in each month, and our memberships are designed to help our members make real friendships and facilitate new connections.

What To Do St. Petersburg FL

At New Town Connections, we always know what to do in St. Petersburg, Florida, because we are either planning exciting, exclusive events for our members or we’re organizing group outing to special events throughout the bay area. Just a sampling of the different types of activities and events we schedule include:

  • Happy hours
  • Private restaurant dining
  • Themed parties
  • Sporting events
  • Athletic adventures and organized sports games
  • Live shows and concerts
  • Charity events and volunteer activities
  • And more

With such a wide variety of activities and a large number of events planned on our schedule each month, our members are always sure to have a social life that meets their needs. In fact, we have several membership plans to help you reach your networking goals. So whether you’re new in town and are looking to make friends in the area or you’ve been living and working in St. Petersburg for a while but desire to expand your group of friends, New Town Connections can help you meet people and have fun while doing so.

Ready to answer your question of “what to do” in St. Petersburg, Florida? Contact the team at New Town Connections today to get started and become a member.